Pets are more than just companions; they’re cherished members of our families, providing a profound connection that transcends age. Australians, known for their pets, especially those in the 50 and above age group, understand the importance of including their pets in downsizing plans. At Lincoln Place, we wholeheartedly embrace this bond by creating pet-friendly communities that cater to the unique needs of our residents and their four-legged companions.

Countless studies have highlighted the link between humans and their pets, and the many physical and mental health benefits of being a pet owner. Beyond being adorable sidekicks, pets are often the reason for increased fitness, stress reduction, and overall happiness. Our residents at Lincoln Place don’t just own pets; they embark on shared adventures, from group walks to friendly gatherings in our dog friendly parks. Pets often play the role of the ultimate icebreaker, creating social interactions that might otherwise be challenging.

Lincoln Place communities uphold a pet-friendly philosophy, recognizing the significant contributions pets make to the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of individuals. Our communities are designed with detached homes and individual backyards, creating a comfortable space for pet ownership.

Most of Lincoln Place’s communities also integrate a dedicated and secure off leash area where resident’s pets can run freely and enjoy the company of other companions whilst their owners have the chance to catch up on world affairs or just shoot the breeze.

While we celebrate the joy that pets bring, we also value the importance of a tranquil living environment for all residents. To strike a harmonious balance, we’ve implemented a thoughtful pet approval process. Incoming residents are asked to complete a pet approval request form, ensuring that well-behaved pets seamlessly integrate into the community. Because here, we understand that pets aren’t just welcome; they’re an integral part of what makes our communities truly feel like home.